STICKYLINE is a prominent creative duo comprising Mic Leong and Soilworm Lai from Hong Kong. Renowned for their distinctive, large-scale polyhedron sculptures, the duo is the mastermind behind the creative engineering, intricate mathematics and complex geometric structures in their work. 

Crafting simple yet durable shapes using paper and metal, STICKYLINE combines technologies in kinetic, sound and light to enhance the experience of their work. The duo also conducts site-specific curation, explores experimental spatial experiences with minimalist geometric aesthetics and injects communal creative energy into their ever-evolving body of work.

Formed in 2011, STICKYLINE features a clientele ranging from international brands such as Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Givenchy, Mercedes-Benz, Leica and Audemars Piguet to local organisations such as Design Trust, PMQ, Landmark and Lee Gardens, as well as private commissions.

www.stickyline.hk / [email protected]